I have started a new Mopar forum. It's main purpose is to promote the  Mopar brands and to pass on information, especially tips, tricks and shortcuts.
Because I am a drag racer at heart, most information will revolve around racing and restoration. If you are looking for help or information for your  2016 Chrysler 200, you probably aren't going to be happy here but you are still welcome to join. Primarily this forum is for 1950 to 1973.Before and after these dates, there weren't any real performance cars. Since I am just getting this forum off the ground it's going to take a little while to build up the membership. Please be patient and help by joining and getting your friends to join too. Thank you

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The main purpose of this site is to sale my car. A car like this you get a million questions, and most are the same ones over and over. So, to keep me from being on the phone all day and night ,I put up this website. I will have a little history about the car and a complete parts list of every part I fixed or replaced. I am sure I will have missed a few, but I will do the best I can. I will also post as many of the pictures I took while rebuilding the car. I will try  to start at one end of the car and work my way forward. A lot of the mods I did were" One of a Kind " I will point them out as I come to them or on the parts list.
Thanks for looking and if interested my contact information is on the last page.
Please Only Serious Inquiries '68 CUDA FOR SALE HERE THIS WAY TO THE FORUM