I have owned this car for 45 years. I am the 2nd owner and the car has never been wrecked.
I orginally bought this car off of the back lot at a local Ford dealership. This was either 1971 or 1973, I just don't remember. Reason I bought the car is I was driving a '69 Hemi Roadrunner at the time for my everyday car. The Roadrunner was getting to damn radical for the street. They were prepping it to go to the auction. I convinced the dealer to sell it to me for $800.00 as it sat. She wasn't much to look at. It hadn't been cared for during it's short life up to this point. It didn't have any rust on it but lots of dings and nearly 100,000 miles on it. And the interior showed it .The drivers seat was just about gone.  A milk crate would of been a better seat. The carpet was shredded on it and it had a crack in the dash. Pretty rough for a car that was only 5 years old. But the best part was it had a burnt valve. Not a bad miss but a miss.I took it to show my mother and she talked me out of the car until she could find another one. Finding another one consumed about 10 years. When they say it was driven by a little old lady no faster than 40 mph it really was. It took mom passing away to get the car back. At this time I didn't need it and going through a divorce, I stashed it where nobody would find it. Trouble was it was out of sight and out of mind. It got moved to new storage every 2 or 3 year and this is where the rust got it. Plus my mother never washed it in all those years.
  It sat quietly rusting away until 1993. I brought it home to start to restore it, but you can't drive it and restore it at the same time. Now things are starting to go wrong. First I blew the 71/4 rearend out of it. I got lucky and found the right axle housing for the narrow ass cuda. Now it would be impossible to find  and cost more than the $100.00 I paid for it .Complete from drum to drum. Forgot to mention it was a 8 3/4 with 3.55 gears and a posi. The following summer the transmission kept screwing  up. Since I don't know crap about rebuilding automatics I went looking for a 4 speed. Car goes back into storage  until I can save up the money for a scatter shield, flywheel, clutch, and tranny. As luck would have it I found a Anson scatter shield and block plate, brand new at a swap meet. Still needed a flywheel and tranny. The tranny is easy but the right flywheel, that is another story.

<a href="mopar-madness.tech/appz/flywheel.rar"><flywheel></a>

Because the 360 engine is externally balanced I couldn't find one to fit the scattersheild, so I got a diagram from Mopar and tried to make it myself with an old 318 flywheel. I didn't do too badly (it worked for about 5 years)
I found a new 4 speed at a Chrysler backed racer and he let me have it for a very reasonable price. I picked up the V-Gate shifter from a local speed shop, new for less than $100. I loved that shifter!! And back in storage in my backyard. It stayed there until 2000 when the city tried to tow it away as a junk car since it hadn't been moved for 7 years. I had to fire it up and drive it around my yard to show them it runs and had current plates on it.In the process of doing that it sparked something in me and this time I really did start the refurbish